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Eaton Strainers

Eaton pipeline strainers are used in a variety of applications around the world to assist in removing solids and debris from systems for manufacturing, processing, water management and more. Each strainer model is available in various sizes, materials and other unique options to suit your application. We are proud distributors of all Eaton filtration products including both the Simplex and Duplex style strainers. For pricing contact our sales team by calling or submitting a quote request form (click the red "Get a Quote" button on the right).

Eaton Simplex Basket Strainer Models

Simplex strainers are most basic in design. They feature a basket that collects debris and must be cleaned periodically as contaminants accumulate. To do this, the pipe line needs to be shut down. This is one of the limitations of a simplex design strainer.


Eaton Duplex Basket Strainer Models

Duplex industrial strainers are designed with two channels for flow to travel. This allows flow to be diverted through one side of the strainer as the other side is cleaned out. This is desirable for applications where frequent line stops are not possible. Duplex strainers are generally larger less economical than standard simplex strainers.


Other Strainer Types

Aside from the standard basket type strainers, Eaton also has temporary and Y style manual strainers. These are for collecting small or trace amounts of particulate in a pipe line. The model 92 temporary strainer is only meant to be used right after an installation and for a short amount of time. It can then be removed from the pipe line. The Model 85 Y strainer is another style of manual strainer that blocks particulates in a pipe line using a screen that can be cleaned out periodically.


Commercial Filtration Supply is an Authorized Eaton filtration Distributor. We sell all types of Eaton manual basket strainers for industrial applications. Manual pipeline strainers are installed to collect contaminants from your process media. Most Eaton strainers use a basket or baskets to collect this matter so it can be removed periodically by replacing with a new basket or cleaning out the old one. Find the Simplex or Duplex style strainer you need for your unique job and get the best prices in the industry. We work directly with Eaton to provide top notch customer support from technical questions to speedy delivery. Call or submit a quote request today for strainer pricing or assistance choosing the proper strainer and specifications.

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Eaton Strainers