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Eaton Simplex Strainers

Eaton simplex strainers are designed with a single chamber that your application media flows through. A strainer basket sits inside the chamber and collects any dirt and debris that is too large to fit through your chosen mesh or perforation. Because simplex strainers have only one chamber, flow to the strainer must be shut down in order to open and clean out the strainer. Basket strainers are cleaned out by emptying the full basket and replacing it with an empty basket. Once this has been done flow can resume through the strainer. 

We carry six simplex strainer models. Each is available in a selection of materials, connection sizes, and basket perforations (or mesh). All but one of the models below are single basket simplex strainers. The Eaton model 510 is unique in that it is a multi-basket simplex strainer. See all our models below and click through to get detailed information!

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Model 72

Model 72 Simplex

Our most popular model!

 - Easy Open Cover

 - Stainless Steel Basket

 - Threaded Drain

 View the Eaton Model 72 >>

Model 30R

Model 30R Simplex

Great for Pools and Medium Duty Applications

 - 1/2" - 8" Sizes

 - Cast Iron Construction

 - Flanged or Threaded Ends

 View the Eaton Model 30R >>

Model 72 SJ

Model 72 SJ Simplex

Steam Jacket Protected!

 - Keep media molten

 - Carbon or stainless steel

 - 1" - 8" Sizes

 View the Eaton Model 72SJ >>

Model 73

Model 73 Simplex

Compact / High Flow Strainer

 - 10" - 18" Sizes

 - Great for high flow applications

 - Iron or Bronze material

 View the Eaton Model 73 >>

Model 72L

Model 72L Simplex

Tefzel Lined Strainer

 - 1" - 6" Sizes

 - Lining keeps body safe from harsh chemicals

 - Quick open design

 View the Eaton Model 72L >>

Model 510

Model 510 Simplex

Multi-Basket for High Flow Rates!

 - 8" - 36" Sizes

 - Iron or Carbon Steel

 - Straight through design

 View the Eaton Model 510 >>


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