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We Stock Top Brands (Eaton, Titan, Shelco, Etc.) Strainers, Filter Housings, Cartridges & More

Commercial Filtration Supply is the leading online distributor for Eaton manual pipeline strainers, filter bag housings and other Eaton filtration equipment. We cater to commercial and industrial customers around the world who use Eaton's innovative and robust line of filtration products.

Commercial Filtration Supply is a leading online distributor of manual pipeline strainers (Single, Dual, Self-Cleaning, Fabricated, etc.), bag filtration, (housings & bags), cartridge filtration and filter parts for leading Brands like Eaton, Titan Flow Control, Shelco, Hayward and more. We cater to commercial and industrial customers around the world, including those who use Eaton's innovative and robust line of filtration products.

There are two main types of manual pipeline strainers: simplex basket strainers and duplex basket strainers. Simplex strainers are single basket units made for applications where downtime is not an issue for basket maintenance. Duplex are two basket strainers (or more baskets) that are ideal for jobs that need 100% uptime and cannot take breaks to change or clean baskets. All basket strainers are designed to remove particles and debris from the process media. For liquid processing jobs, strainers are a must have. Rely on an authorized Eaton filtration distributor for your next strainer product.

The other main type of filtration equipment used to remove debris from liquids is the bag filter. Filter bags work by sitting inside a filter bag housing that channels the media through the chamber and bag, removing debris and contaminants. The bags are replaceable and come in various micron sizes to suit your application.

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With thousands of filter bags to choose from, We have your filtration needs covered. See our selection of bags that range from cost efficient to technology-packed. Many of our liquid filter bags are produced by Eaton, which is on the cutting edge of liquid filtration technology. Find the right filter bag for your application and order today.

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Our filter housings are used for a myriad of applications around the world. We carry both single and multi-bag models to meet your specific application needs. We carry high quality brands: Eaton, MAHLE, NeoLogic & more. Whether you are seeking a cost effective option or a top-of-the-line absolute filtration system, we have what you need.

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From small simplex strainers to large scale duplex strainers,CFS has what you need for your industrial application. We carry top brands when it comes to Pipeline Strainers, including Eaton and Titan Flow Control. We also carry Hayward which was purchased by Eaton. We have a comprehensive line of strainers that are known throughout the world.

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