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Eaton Model 53 BTX Strainer

The Model 53BTX is a No-Hassle Duplex StrainerEaton 53BTX

The model 53 BTX strainer was designed for ease of use and efficiency. This becomes apparent right from the first basket change. Easily turn the flow diverter handle to point flow from one basket chamber to the other. From there, the chamber drains and you can easily open the lid for cleaning. No mess, no fuss. Just quick and easy change outs without the risk of leakage or overflow. This duplex design allows for constant pipe line up-time. The diverter ball features a special sealing system for a positive seal you can depend on well into the life of the strainer (it’s easy to service, too!).

The Eaton 53BTX strainer also features a unique low profile design that is perfect for application where space is limited. Choose the strainer basket type that suites your application for customized filtration. Also choose your strainer body material, connection type and size (up to 4”). The Model 53 BTX is designed for success down to every detail – from the easy-turn flow handle to the easy-access eyebolts and double stem seals. View more specs below and ask us for a quote today.


3/4" to 4"


Iron, Bronze, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel


Threaded or Flanged


Foot mounting pads

Basket Perf/Mesh:

1/2" to 400 microns

Other Options: 

Differential Pressure Gauges, Magnetic Separators,
Basket Chamber Vent, Pressure Equalizing Assembly


Model 53BTX Strainer Part Numbers - by material, size, connection type

Cast Iron NPT
 Part Number  Size
 ST053007AT46TS  3/4"
 ST053010AT46TS  1"
 ST053012AT46TS  1-1/4"
 ST053015AT46TS  1-1/2"
 ST053020AT46TS  2"
 ST053025AT46TS  2-1/2"
Bronze NPT
 Part Number  Size
 ST053007BT11TS  3/4"
 ST053010BT11TS  1"
 ST053012BT11TS  1-1/4"
 ST053015BT11TS  1-1/2"
 ST053020BT11TS  2"
 ST053025BT11TS  2-1/2"
Carbon Steel NPT
 Part Number  Size
 ST053007BT33TS  3/4"
 ST053010BT33TS  1"
 ST053012BT33TS  1-1/4"
 ST053015BT33TS  1-1/2"
 ST053020BT33TS  2"
Stainless Steel NPT
 Part Number  Size
 ST053007BT22A  3/4"
 ST053010BT22A  1"
 ST053012BT22A  1-1/4"
 ST053015BT22A  1-1/2"
 ST053020BT22A  2"
Cast Iron Flanged 125# FF
 Part Number  Size
 ST053010AF46TS  1"
 ST053015AF46TS  1-1/2"
 ST053020AF46TS  2"
 ST053025AF46TS  2-1/2"
 ST053030AF46TS  3"
 ST053040AF46TS  4"
Bronze Flanged 150# FF
 Part Number  Size
 ST053010BF11TS  1"
 ST053015BF11TS  1-1/2"
 ST053020BF11TS  2"
 ST053025BF11TS  2-1/2" 
 ST053030BF11TS  3"
 ST053040BF11TS  4"
Carbon Steel Flanged 150# RF
 Part Number  Size
 ST053010BR33TS  1"
 ST053015BR33TS  1-1/2"
 ST053020BR33TS  2"
 ST053025BR33TS  2-1/2"
 ST053030BR33TS  3"
 ST053040BR33TS  4"
Stainless Steel Flanged 150# RF
 Part Number  Size
 ST053010BR22A  1"
 ST053015BR22A  1-1/2"
 ST053020BR22A  2"
 ST053025BR22A  2-1/2"
 ST053030BR22A  3"
 ST053040BR22A  4"


Choose your pipe size, from 3/4" to 4", along with your material and connection type to get an accurate quote on the Eaton Model 53 BTX strainer for your process. Duplex basket strainers like this one make basket servicing a breeze. Plus, this particular Eaton strainer model is still compact in design, so it doesn't take up a huge area in your facility. Our Eaton filtration product experts are standing by to quote your strainer. Call or submit a quote request today for the best prices in the industry.




Eaton Duplex Basket Strainer Model 53BTX - Technical Data Sheet (pdf 1MB)



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