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Eaton Duplex Strainers

Duplex basket strainers are designed for applications requiring continuous flow. Duplex strainers use two or more interior chambers that are independent of one-another. A diverter valve system is used to direct flow to one chamber or the other. While one chamber is being used for filtration, the other can be emptied and serviced. This means 100% uptime! 

Eaton makes four different manufactured duplex strainers. See all four below and find the one that best suits your application. Choose your strainer body material, connection size, and more. Many Eaton models feature no-tool openings and diverters. That means servicing the strainer is simple!

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Model 53 BTX

Model 53 BTX Duplex\" data-mce-src=

Easy and Efficient!

 - Simple diverter switches chambers

 - Low profile design

 - 3/4" - 4" Sizes

 View the Eaton Model 53 BTX >>

Model 52

Model 52 Duplex

Great for Large Lines

 - Butterfly valve diverter system

 - Low pressure los during changes

 - 10" - 18" Sizes

 View the Eaton Model 52 >>

Model 50

Model 50 Duplex

No tools needed to divert flow!

 - Lift jack and handle diverter

 - No-tool easy open cover

 - 5", 6" and 8" Sizes

 View the Eaton Model 50 >>

Model 570

Model 570 Duplex

Two Chambers with 4 Baskets Each!

 - Easily serviced by one person

 - Hand operated flow diverter

 - Iron or Steel Material

 View the Eaton Model 570 >>


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