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Eaton Model 72L Strainer

Alloy performance without the alloy price!Eaton 72L Strainer

The model 72L strainer by Eaton is Tefzel lined to provide exceptional corrosion resistance at an affordable price. This Tefzel lining is actually a fluoropolymer resin that has corrosion resistant properties similar to those of much more expensive and exotic alloy metals.

Building off the classic model 72 body, this strainer is protected by Tefzel on all wetted surfaces. This keeps the body safe from harsh chemicals like metal salts, carboxylic acids, inorganic bases and more. Does your application require a material impervious to your specific media? Speak with our product experts today about this and other options to suit your needs.


1” to 6"


Carbon Steel with Tefzel Plastic Lining

Service Temperature:    

up to 300F


1/8" Tefzel Plastic

Cover Type:  

Quick open design


Standard Perforated

Other Options:

Monel, Haselloy C, Tefzel coated baskets

 Model 72L Part Numbers

 Part Number  Size
 ST72L010BR30A  1"
 ST72L020BR30A  2" 
 ST72L025BR30A  2-1/2"
 ST72L030BR30A  3"
 ST72L040BR30A  4"
 ST72L060BR30A  6"


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