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Eaton Model 73 Strainer

Great for high flow, large size pipelines!Eaton 73 Strainer

For an effective and compact industrial strainer, the Eaton model 73 Straight Flow strainer does the job. This design is especially useful for large diameter pipelines (10” to 18”) with high flow rates as pressure loss is so low. The 73 also uses a special basket design with pleated mesh to maximize straining area. The basket is easy to remove and reduces change out and basket cleaning time. The model 73 is all about efficiency!

Choose your size and material to customize the model 73 industrial strainer to your unique application demands. This model also features a threaded drain, o-ring cover seal and a standard stainless steel basket.


10” to 18”


Iron or Bronze

Connection Style:


Basket Perf Options:

1/32” to ½"

Basket Mesh Options:

20, 40, 60

Other 30R Options:

Monel basket, vent/drain valve, ¼” NPT taps, magnetic inserts,
pressure differential gauge and switch connections

Model 73 Strainer Parts Numbers

Cast Iron Flanged 125# FF
 Part Number  Size
 ST073100AF40C  10"
 ST073120AF40C  12"
 ST073140AF40C  14"
 ST073160AF40C  16"
 ST073180AF40C  18"


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