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Eaton Model 510 Strainer

Handles large pipelines and flow rates up to 40,000 GPM!Eaton 510 Strainer

This is a unique multi-basket simplex strainer for use with large pipelines and high flow rates. The straight through configuration keeps the footprint small while maximizing dirt capacity. Eaton’s model 510 uses four baskets to collect as much dirt as possible before cleanout. This plus the ease of change-out on the 510 makes it incredibly efficient.

Learn more about the advantages of the 510 strainer today when you give us a call. This model can be made to fit 8” flanged connections all the way up to 36”! Choose your material and other helpful options to make your filtration system work for your application – and not the other way around.


8" to 36"


Iron or Carbon Steel




4, Perforated or mesh stainless steel

Flow Design:

Straight through

Basket Perf:

1/32" to 1/2"

Basket Mesh:

20 to 400

Other Options:

Monel Baskets, Drain/Vent Valves, ¼” NPT Taps, Basket Flange Gaskets,
Cover Lift Davit, Bronze or Stainless Steel Construction,
Pressure Differential Gauge and Switch Connections, Magnetic Basket Inserts


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