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Eaton Model 570 Strainer

An easy-to-service duplex strainer!Eaton 570 Strainer

The Eaton model 570 strainer uses a hand operated sliding gate to direct flow from one chamber to another. This allows for cleaning without shutting down the pipe line! With two chambers containing four baskets each, this eight basket strainer is equipped to handle a lot of media.

The use of eight baskets means each one is lighter and easier to lift and service. All baskets are easily serviced by one person. This quick, one-person job makes servicing extremely cost efficient. This model also comes with standard features like a threaded drain, stainless steel baskets (mesh/perforation of your choice) and a synchronized drive for pressure equalization. See all your options below and get a quote request today!

Features Options
• Quick and easy open cover • Basket options - 1/32” to ½” perforated  or 20, 20 mesh
• Iron or Steel material • Differential pressure gauges
• Flanged connections • Magnetic basket inserts
• Threaded drain • Cover lift davit
  • Basket flange gaskets
  • Monel baskets


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