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Eaton Model 52 Strainer

Designed for continuous flow with large pipelines in mind!

Eaton 52 Strainer

The Eaton model 52 duplex basket strainer is designed to allow continuous use without needing to shut down the pipe line. This strainer uses a unique system of butterfly valves to divert flow from one chamber to another to allow cleaning and servicing. Using this system, the 52 can change chambers with very low pressure loss. Perfect for high flow lines!

This strainer is also unique in that it packs a punch with a minimal footprint. Smaller than comparable strainers of its caliber, the 52 is lighter and requires less space for installation. While this is true, pleated style baskets and a straight through flow design maximize straining area and efficiency.

A hand wheel indicates which chamber is in use and which can be serviced. This easy-turn wheel operates the two butterfly valves. Open the cover quickly and easily without tools or lifting gear! Looking for a similar feature for smaller pipelines? Check out the Eaton model 50 duplex strainer.



Sizes: 10” to 18”” • Differential Pressure Gauges
Materials: Iron or Bronze • Magnetic Basket Inserts
Connections: Flanged • 1/4" NPT Taps
Basket Perf/Mesh: ½” to 60 micron • Drain/Vent Valves
  • Monel Baskets
  • Optional Iron Construction


Model 52 Part Numbers

Cast Iron C/W Butterfly Valved Flanged 125# FF
 Part Number  Size
 ST052100AF40C  10"
 ST052120AF40C  12"
 ST052140AF40C  14"
 ST052160AF40C  16"
 ST052180AF40C  18"


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