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50 Micron Filter Bags

Shop 50 Micron Liquid Filter Bags

 On this page you can find links and information about the 50 micron rated filter bags that we offer. Micron ratings are used to describe a filter’s ability to remove contaminants from a liquid.  A rating of 50 microns means that these bags are able to filter up to the size of the diameter of a human hair. The human eye cannot see smaller than 40 microns, so 50 microns is still considered to be on the smaller spectrum of filter ratings.

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Duragaf 1 Micron Filter Bag - Eaton


  •    Material: Polypro. or Polyester Felt
  •    Bag Sizes: 01 and 02
  •    Primary Use: All Industrial - FDA Optional
  •    Features: Welded Seams and FDA-Approved Models
  •    Eaton DURAGAF Product Page



1 Micron Hayflow Filter Bag by Eaton


  •    Material: Polypropylene
  •    Bag Sizes: 02
  •    Primary Use: All Industrial
  •    Features: Bag/Cartridge in One!
  •    Eaton HAYFLOW Product Page



1 Micron Sentinel Filter bag by Eaton


  •    Material: Polypropylene
  •    Bag Sizes: 02
  •    Primary Use: All Industrial
  •    Features: Welded Construction
  •    Eaton SENTINEL Product Page



Snap Ring 1 Micron Filter bag - Eaton


  •    Material: Polypropylene, Polyester, Nylon, Teflon
  •    Bag Sizes: 01, 02, 03, 04
  •    Primary Use: All Industrial
  •    Features: Silicone-Free, ISO 9001
  •    Eaton SNAP-RING Product Page



Unibag 1 Micron Filter Bag


  •    Material: Polypropylene or Polyester
  •    Bag Sizes: 01 and 02
  •    Primary Use: All Industrial
  •    Features: Welded Seams
  •    Eaton UNIBAG Product Page




Hayward Heavy Duty Series

Hayward Heavy Duty Filter Bags





FB Series

NeoLogic Filter Bags Thumbnail


  •    Material: Polypropylene, Polyester, Nylon, and More
  •    Bag Sizes: 01 and 02
  •    Primary Use: All Industrial
  •    Features: Choice of 5 Different Top Rings
  •    Neo-Pure FB Series Spec Sheet


HDFB Series

Accugaf 1 Micron Filter Bag


  •    Material: Polypropylene
  •    Bag Sizes: 02
  •    Primary Use: Food and Beverage - FDA
  •    Features: High Density Construction
  •    Neo-Pure HDFB Series Spec Sheet




MicroSentry HTF Series

Shelco Filters MicroSentry HTF Series Filter Bags


  •    Material: Polypropylene, Polyester, Nylon
  •    Bag Sizes: 01, 02, 03, 04
  •    Primary Use: All Industrial
  •    Features: Sewn or Welded Construction
  •    Shelco MicroSentry HTF Series Spec Sheet



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At Commercial Filtration Supply, we offer some of the biggest brand names in filtration at affordable prices. Currently, we have Eaton, Shelco, Hayward, and NeoLogic filter bags available on our website. Each of these brands has a great reputation for filtration satisfaction and by exploring the options listed above you are sure to find the filter bag that suits your need.

The 50 micron rated filter bag is a good middle ground between very small and very large filter ratings. As with everything, both large and small micron rated filters have good and bad points. While very small filters are able to remove everything down to miniscule particles, they have a tendency to clog up very fast, unlike their larger counterparts. The 50 micron rated filter bag will be able to remove more than the 100 rated micron filter bag but will not clog up as fast as the 1 micron rated filter bag.

Our filter bags are sold by the box, guaranteeing that you will get the best names in filtration at the best price!

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