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HAYFLOW Filter Bags

The Best of Bag and Cartridge - Eaton HAYFLOW

HAYFLOW filter example

Get the best of both worlds with HAYFLOW filter elements from Eaton. These compact filters have long lifespans and can handle high flow rates. Designed to reduce costs, the HAYFLOW filter allows for more compact vessel size and are easy to operate.

Switching to HAYFLOW filters from standard bags is easy. Use your existing housing and use a HAYFLOW restrainer basket to hold the elements. Choose from polyester or polypropylene material - each able to handle high flow and a range of temperatures. Take advantage of the space saving and efficiency of the HAYFLOW filter element today.

NOTE: Bags must be ordered in box quantities

HAYFLOW™ Polypropylene Extended Life Felt with Polypropylene SENTINEL Ring

Part Number Description Box Qty Micron Rating Size
F5873339 POXL-1-P02HAY-8 8 1 02
F5873349 POXL-5-P02HAY-8 8 5 02
F5873359 POXL-10-P02HAY-8 8 10 02
F5873369 POXL-25-P02HAY-8 8 25 02
F5873379 POXL-50-P02HAY-8 8 50 02
F5873389 POXL-100-P02HAY-8 8 100 02


HAYFLOW Polyester Extended Life Felt with Kopel SENTINEL Ring

Part Number Description Box Qty Micron Rating Size
F5873399 PEXL-1-P02HAY-8 8 1 02
F5873409 PEXL-5-P02HAY-8 8 5 02
F5873419 PEXL-10-P02HAY-8 8 10 02
F5873429 PEXL-25-P02HAY-8 8 25 02
F5873439 PEXL-50-P02HAY-8 8 50 02
F5873449 PEXL-100-P02HAY-8 8 100 02


HAYFLOW Accessories

Part Number Description
F671224A Restrainer Basket, Stainless Steel
L0001613 HAYFLOW Insertion Tool
L0001355 Multi Purpose Tool