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Filter Bags

Commercial Filtration Supply carries a huge selection of industrial bag filters. Our team has decades of filtration experience, and is here to help you find the exact bag to suit your needs. Choose from many sizes, materials of construction, micron ratings and more to make your filter bag work for you and fulfill all your expectations for your pipeline process. We have a bag for every application.


Eaton Filter Bags by Micron Rating


Choosing a Bag Filter

Industrial filters are designed to remove sediment and debris from liquids of all types, not just water. When purchasing filters, there are several factors to consider. The most important of these are flow rate, filter size, and filter material. Flow rate determines how quickly liquid passes through a filter housing, and will be a factor in the bag you choose. Another highly important factor is the size material to be removed from the media. This will determine the micron rating of the bag.

Bag Size & Material

Filter sizes are categorized by the length and width of the filter bag. This is important to consider, as it determines whether or not the filter bag will be compatible with the housing, as well as how much surface area the bag will have. Usually, filter housings will have a specific filter size requirement, so your search for filter bags will start there. Filter material is also a vital attribute to consider when purchasing filter bags. Depending on what liquid will be flowing through a filter, you may need a specific type of filter material. Some materials are not compatible with petroleum products, for example.

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