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Filter Bags

Looking for Industrial Liquid Filter Bags?

Industrial filter housings are designed to hold bags or cartridges. Some are even designed so the user can switch between the two. Filter bags use a fine mesh to remove unwanted debris and particles from the media in a system. They have a plastic or metal ring at the top to hold them secure in the housing, and the bag itself is usually made from cloth or plastic.

CFS is a leading supplier / distributor of liquid filter bags for commercial & industrial applications. Browse our bags by Brand, micron rating and standard bag filter sizing. Contact Us if you can't find what you need as we have just about every type of liquid filter in stock. If we don't, we'll find it for you at competitive prices!


Liquid Filter Bags by Micron Rating

When shopping for filter bags by micron, the first thing to determine is the specific micron rating required. This can be based on application or specific to your outcome. Below are some of the most common micron ratings, but we also supply select models that are outside this range.

* Note that we stock a wide range of liquid filters in a wide range of Micron Sizes. The Micron sizing listed above is the most common. Not sure which micron rating is right for your application? Request a Quote today and we can help with the details.


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Liquid Filter Bags by Size (Standard Industry Sizing)

Another important detail is filter bag sizing. You don’t want to order a large quantity of incorrectly-sized bags! Below are links to bags of the most-used sizes. We also carry other less common sizes and can work with manufacturers for custom sizing.

  •    • Size 5: Available Upon Request
  •    • Size 6: Available Upon Request


If you don’t know what size bags you need (or if you have any other questions about filter bags), request a quote to get in contact with our liquid filtration experts. You can also call us at 855-236-0467.


Filter Bag Models by Brand

Looking for a certain brand of filter bags? We carry several major brands including Eaton and Shelco! Click the links below for information on specific filter bag brands.