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Hayward Basket Strainers

Hayward's innovative basket strainer designs provide the best straining for pools, chemical processing, wastewater treatment, and more. The plastics used in Hayward strainer construction include PVC, CPVC, GFPP, and Eastar, which all have excellent chemical resistances. Whether you need a simplex or duplex basket strainer, Hayward has you covered! And with a variety of inlet/outlet configurations, these strainers will fit in any system. Request a quote today for quick shipping on all orders!

Hayward Flow Control Basket Strainers

SB Series Simplex Basket Strainers
Hayward Flow Control Single Basket Series Body Material End Type Basket Material Mesh Sizes
GFPP, or Eastar
Socket, Threaded,
or Flanged
Standard: PVC, CPVC, PP
Optional: SS, Monel, Hastelloy
20 - 325
(1/32" - 3/8")
Gaskets Max Pressure 1/2" - 4": Spec Sheet | 6" - 8": Spec Sheet
FPM or EPDM 100psi - 150psi @ 70F Request a Quote

DB Series Duplex Basket Strainers
Hayward Flow Control Duplex Basket Series Body Material End Type Basket Material Mesh Sizes
or Eastar
Socket, Threaded,
or Flanged
Hastelloy, Monel, Titanium
20 - 325
(1/32" - 3/8")
Gaskets Max Pressure 1/2" - 4": Spec Sheet | 6" - 8": Spec Sheet
FPM or EPDM 100psi - 150psi @ 70F Request a Quote

 * Basket replacements are available in mesh sizes from 1/32" to 1/2" and materials such as PVC, CPVC, GFPP, Stainless Steel, Hastelloy, Monel, and Titanium! Ask a representative about our basket options! *

Hayward Simplex / Duplex Basket Strainer Models

SB Series

Clear: SBC050ST, SBC050STE, SBC075ST, SBC075STE, SBC100ST, SBC100STE, SBC125ST, SBC125STE, SBC150ST, SBC150STE, SBC200F, SBC200FE, SBC200ST, SBC200STE, SBC1250T, SBC300F, SBC1400F, SBC400S, SBC400TE
SB2050F, SB2050FE, SB2050ST, SB2050STE, SB2075F, SB2075FE, SB2075ST, SB2075STE, SB2100F, SB2100FE, SB2100ST, SB2100STE, SB2125F, SB2125FE, SB2125ST, SB2125STE, SB2150F, SB2150FE, SB2150ST, SB2150STE, SB2200F, SB2200FE, SB2200ST, SB2200STE, SB2250F, SB2250FE, SB2250S, SB2250SE, SB2250T, SB2250TE, SB2300F, SB2300FE, SB2300S, SB2300SE, SB2300T, SB2300TE, SB2400F, SB2400FE, SB2400S, SB2400SE, SB2400T, SB2400TE, SB2600FT, SB2600FTE, SB2800FT, SB2800FTE
DN: SB1015MS, SB1015MSE, SB1020MS, SB1020MSE, SB1025MS, SB1025MSE, SB1032MS, SB1040MS, SB1040MSE, SB1050MS, SB1050MSE, SB1065MS, SB1065MSE, SB1080MS, SB1080MSE, SB1100MS, SB1100MSE, SB2015MS, SB2015MSE, SB2020MS, SB2020MSE, SB2025MS, SB2025MSE, SB2040MS, SB2040MSE, SB2050MS, SB2050MSE, SB2065MS, SB2065MSE, SB2080MS, SB2080MSE, SB2100MS, SB2100MSE
GFPP Black: SB4050T, SB4075T, SB4100F, SB4100T, SB4100FE, SB4150F, SB4150T, SB4200F, SB4200T, SB4250T, SB4300T, SB4125F, SB4125T, SB4250F, SB4300F, SB4400F, SB4400T
GFPP Platinum: SB4P050F, SB4P050T, SB4P075F, SB4P075T, SB4P100F, SB4P125F, SB4P125T, SB4P150F, SB4P150T, SB4P200F, SP4P200T, SB4P250F, SB4P250T, SB4P300F, SB4P300T, SB4P400F, SB4P400T
PVC: SB1050F, SB1050FE, SB1050ST, SB1050STE, SB1075F, SB1075FE, SB1075ST,SB1075STE, SB1100F, SB100FE, SB1100ST, SB1100STE, SB1125F, SB1125FE, SB1125ST, SB1125STE, SB1150F, SB1150FE, SB1150ST, SB1150STE, SB1200F, SB1200FE, SB1200ST, SB1200STE, SB1250F, SB1250FE, SB1250S, SB1250SE, SB1250T, SB1250TE, SB1300F, SB1300FE, SB1300S, SB1300SE, SB1300T, SB1300TE, SB1400F, SB1400FE, SB1400S, SB1400SE, SB1400T, SB1400TE, SB1600F, SB1600FT, SB1600FT3, SB1800FT, SB1800FTE

DB Series

Clear: DBC050STE, DBC100ST, DBC100STE, DBC200F, DBC200FE, DBC200STE, DBC400F, DBC400FE, DBC400S, DBC400SE, DBC400T
PVC: DB1050F, DB1050FE, DB1050ST, DB1050STE, DB1075F, DB1075FE, DB1075ST, DB1075STE, DB1100F, DB1100FE, DB1100ST, DB1100STE, DB1125F, DB1125FE, DB1125ST, DB1125STE, DB1150F, DB1150FE, DB1150ST, DB1150STE, DB1200F, DB1200FE, DB1200ST, DB1200STE, DB1250F, DB1250FE, DB1250S, DB1250SE, DB1250T, DB1250TE, DB1300F, DB1300FE, DB1300S, DB1300SE, DB1300T, DB1300TE, DB1400F, DB1400FE, DB1400S, DB1400SE, DB1400T, DB1400TE, DB1600FTE, DB1600FT3, DB1800FT, DB1800FTE
CPVC: DB2050F, DB2050FE, DB2050ST, DB2050STE, DB2075F, DB2075FE, DB2075ST, DB2075STE, DB2100F, DB2100FE, DB2100ST, DB2100STE, DB2125F, DB2125FE, DB2125ST, DB2125STE, DB2150F, DB2150FE, DB2150ST, DB2150STE, DB2200F, DB2200FE, DB2200ST, DB2200STE, DB2250F, DB2250FE, DB2250S, DB2250SE, DB2250T, DB2250TE, DB2300F, DB2300FE, DB2300S, DB2300SE, DB2300T, DB2300TE, DB2400F, DB2400FE, DB2400S, DB2400SE, DB2400T, DB2400TE, DB2600FT, DB2600FTE, DB2800FT, DB2800FTE