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Eaton Automatic Self Cleaning

Automatic Self-Cleaning Filters - Eaton Filtration Division

Eaton Automatic Self-Cleaning FiltrationCommercial Filtration Supply is one of the small handful of retailers that carries Eaton’s Automatic Self-Cleaning Filters and Strainers. These filters and strainers do exactly what they claim to do: clean themselves. Anyone who has worked with filtration or straining in the past will know how useful a feature this is. These Automatic Self-Cleaning Filters and Strainers are ideal for high-demand industrial applications. They are available in a range of sizes and materials, so they will fit all your needs.

Mechanically Cleaned Filters

  • • DCF
  • • MCF 824 Series Magnetically Coupled Filters


Tubular Backwashing Filters

  • • AFC
  • • AFR
  • • ClearAmine
  • • F-Series
  • • Reactogard V Catalyst Protection Filters


High Flow Mechanically Cleaned Strainers

  • • MCS 500
  • • MCS 1500


Model 2596 Cast and Fabricated Pipeline Strainers


All of Eaton’s products are of exceptionally high quality, but what makes their Automatic Self-Cleaning Filters and Strainers truly unique is how they use backwashing and mechanical self-cleaning techniques to remove particles and debris from a system. Typically, a pipeline must be shut down for a filter or strainer to be cleaned out. This wastes time in some cases, and in others, it is unacceptable. When dealing with industrial wastewater or other nonstop applications, there is no time for the system to shut down. Eaton’s Automatic Self-Cleaning Filters use a spring-loaded cleaning disc or backwashing to push debris from the sides of the filter down to the bottom of the housing, they finally out of the system completely. The Self-Cleaning Strainers use backwashing or a backwash arm to remove debris from the system.

If you are considering an Automatic Self-Cleaning Filter or Strainer but are unsure where to start, here are a few places to start. First, do you need a filter or a strainer? The primary difference is the size of debris they remove from liquids. Though there are exceptions to the rule, strainers usually catch debris that your eye can see and filters catch the smaller particles. Filters and strainers are often used in conjunction, with fluid passing through a strainer then a filter. This reduces stress of the filter, which is often more delicate than the strainer. Next, do you want mechanical self-cleaning or backwash self-cleaning? We carry strainers and filters that do each. The Model 2596 is a strainer that mechanically removes debris, and the ACF-Series of filters uses a tubular backwash method to remove waste.

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