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Self Cleaning Strainers

Industrial Self-Cleaning (Automatic) Pipeline Strainers

CFS offers a selection of automatic self cleaning strainers. These solutions provide a lower-maintenance option, eliminate the need for bags, and offer true 24/7 operation. For more information on our self cleaning strainer options for your industrial application contact us today.

  • • Eaton and Titan Brand Self-Cleaning Strainers Available
  • • Allows Continuous Flow
  • • Worry-Free Operation
  • • Less Maintenance, Lower Costs
  • • Eco-Friendly - No Bags, Low Waste
  • • ASME Code Models Available
  • • Smplex, Duplex, High Flow Rate Options

Self-Cleaning Strainers

Why Self-Cleaning?

Self-cleaning strainers are unique in that they do not require the normal basket emptying and maintenance standard manual strainers require. Instead, self-cleaning strainers are motorized to backwash themselves and automatically remove solids from your liquid media. This allows true continuous flow with less worry about maintenance and operation. Standard manual strainers require frequent cleaning and servicing, which is expensive and not always reliable, sometimes causing damage to the system. Self-cleaning strainers can replace both simplex and duplex strainers.

Common Applications

Self-cleaning strainers are ideal for some applications, like straining process water for plants, water for cooling, and water for fire protection. In these uses, the strainer allows water to be recycled, reducing costs and using the water more efficiently. Other popular applications include sewage and water treatment, primary metal, the power industry, and process uses.

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