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Industrial Pipeline Strainers - Authorized Supplier / Distributor

Commercial Filtration Supply is an authorized distributor of top quality industrial Strainer brands, including Eaton, Hayward, MAHLE, Titan & More. Industrial strainers are used in a wide range of applications and industries. The primary purpose of these industrial strainers is solids removal from liquid systems. From wastewater treatment facilities to manufacturing, processing and water management, these strainers handle serious loads. We supply strainers in a wide range of configurations, materials and sizes all pending your application need.


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CFS is Your Source for Industrial Strainers

Businesses typically invest in strainers to protect more expensive equipment further down in the system. If you strain out particles from the desired media before it makes it to pumps, meters, spray nozzles, compressors, or turbines, you will potentially save the company thousands of dollars in repairs and replacements. Strainers allow liquid to pass through while stopping particles that are too large to go through the basket (or screen). We supply strainers in all shapes and sizes, so you will be able to find something that suits your needs perfectly.

Some factors to consider when shopping for an industrial strainer are obvious, such as the opening size and construction material. However, one detail that is often overlooked is pressure drop. As liquid passes through a strainer, particles of debris block holes in the basket. This slows the flow over time and reduces pressure simultaneously. If your application relies on a consistent flow pressure, then the pressure drop of your strainer will need to be considered. If the pressure drop is too rapid, the strainer will require constant cleaning, which will slow down production. Make sure you consider every aspect of a strainer before purchase! Our expert staff can help you find the right strainer.