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Cartridge Housings

Industrial Filter Cartridge Housings

Commercial Filtration Supply is a leading distributor of cartridge housings. We carry all the top brands and can provide for all of your high-purity filtration needs. We have strong relationships with the largest manufacturers of cartridge housings and are able to provide you with value that other online suppliers cannot. CFS also has a highly trained staff that is able to help you find the exact housing you need at the best possible price. View our cartridge filter housings below and contact us today for pricing.


Cartridge Filter Housing Applications

Cartridge housings hold industrial-grade filter cartridges. These housings facilitate high-precision filtration that can serve many purposes. The primary reason to filter liquid is typically to be sure liquid passing through other expensive machinery is free from particles and sediment that could damage it. When using cartridge filtration, however, the precision is so high that liquid filtered through can often be used in drinking water or food and beverage applications. Other uses for cartridge housings include swimming pools, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. When purity is a priority, always use cartridge housings.

Selecting a Cartridge Housing

Depending on what type of type of cartridge housing you use, it could be designed for use with only one type of cartridge or hundreds of different cartridges. Different cartridges are meant for filtering different liquids at different temperatures to a different degree of purity. This means there is a wide variety of cartridges available. To make sure you can use what you need, make sure your cartridge housing is compatible with the types of cartridges you wish to use.

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