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Melt Blown Cartridges

Melt blown cartridges are a big advancement in filtration. Melt blown filters are typically used in sediment applications. They're manufactured using polypropylene and will not transfer taste or order to your filtered liquid. Browse our high quality brands of Melt Blown filter cartridges and specs. Feel free to speak with a filtration specialist at CFS if you have questions.

Eaton - Melt Blown

 LOFTOP Series


LOFTOP Filter Cartridges


  •    Material: PP, Nylon
  •    Lengths: 5", 9.75", 10", 19.5", and More
  •    Primary Use: High Purity Applications
  •    Features: No Binders or Adhesives
  •    Eaton LOFTOP Product Page




LOFTREX Filter Cartridges


  •    Material: PP
  •    Lengths: 5", 9.75", 10", 19.5" and More
  •    Primary Use: All Industrial
  •    Features: Meets FDA Requirements CFR 177
  •    Eaton LOFTREX Product Page



Hayward Flow Control - Melt Blown

 CFLV Series

Hayward CFLV Filter Cartridges

  •    Material: PP, Cellulose, PVC, and More
  •    Lengths: 10", 16", 20", 30"
  •    Primary Use: All Industrial
  •    Features: Thermally-Bonded DOE End-Caps
  •    Hayward CFLV Series Spec Sheet



MAHLE / Nowata / Filtration Group - Melt Blown

 amaFlow M Series

amaFlow M Series


  •    Material: Melt Blown or Pleated Depth PP
  •    Lengths: 10.827", 25.197"
  •    Primary Use: Retrofitting Bag Filters
  •    Features: Can Fit Most #1 & #2 Bag Housings
  •    MAHLE amaFlow M Series Spec Sheet



NeoLogic Solutions - Melt Blown

 HMB Series

HMB Series


  •    Material: 100% PP
  •    Lengths: 9-7/8", 20", 30", 40"
  •    Primary Use: General Industrial
  •    Features: No Glues or Additives
  •    HMB Series Spec Sheet


 MB Series

MB Series


  •    Material: Polypropylene (PP)
  •    Lengths: 9-7/8", 20", 30", 40"
  •    Primary Use: General Industrial
  •    Features: Graded Density Pore Structure
  •    MB Series Spec Sheet


 MBJ Series

MBJ Series


  •    Material: Polypropylene (PP)
  •    Lengths: 9-5/8", 19-1/2", 30-3/4"
  •    Primary Use: High Flow Industrial
  •    Features: Complies w/ CFR Title 21
  •    MBJ Series Spec Sheet



Shelco Filters - Melt Blown

MicroSentry™ MB Series

Shelco MB Series


  •    Material: Polypropylene (PP)
  •    Lengths: 4-7/8", 10", 20", and More
  •    Primary Use: RO Prefilters
  •    Features: Availaable in Big Blue Sizes
  •    MB Series Spec Sheet



Why Choose A Melt Blown Filter Cartridge?

Melt blown cartridges involve many different layers with various densities and fineness, making this an effective depth filter. This style cartridge does not lose fibers due to thermal bonding and overall is very chemically resistant which means it is suitable for filtering a number of different applications. Melt blown cartridges work especially well when higher contamination levels are involved due to its capacity for holding large amounts of debris. We offer a variety of micron sizes for this cartridge style so depending on your specific needs you will be able to find the melt blown cartridge that is perfect for you!

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