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Carbon Liquid Cartridges

Commercial Filtration Supply offers an impressive selection of carbon cartridges. This cartridge type has been around for some time and through the years has become one of the most powerful ways to filter impurities from water. Below, you will be able to find more information about the carbon cartridges that we have as well as general information about this style.

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LOFSORB Filter Cartridges


  •    Material: Carbon Block
  •    Cartridge Types: 01/04 and 02
  •    Primary Use: Industrial Applications
  •    Features: Absorbs Chlorine and Organics
  •    Eaton LOFSORB Product Page



MAHLE / Nowata / Filtration Group

 Nowata Charcoal Adsorber Cartridge Series

7NC20 & 11NC22 Series


  •    Material: Activated Carbon in CS Shell
  •    Lengths: 20", 22"
  •    Primary Use: Chemical Purification
  •    Features: No Charcoal Handling Required
  •    Charcoal Adsorber Series Spec Sheet



NeoLogic Solutions

 CT Series

CT Series


  •    Material: Activated Coconut Shell Carbon
  •    Lengths: 9-7/8", 20"
  •    Primary Use: Potable Water
  •    Features: Meets FDA/CFT Title 21
  •    CT Series Spec Sheet


 NP-RFG10BB Cartridge



  •    Material: Coconut Shell GAC
  •    Lengths: 10"
  •    Primary Use: Water Filtration
  •    Features: Environmentally-Friendly Media
  •    NP-RFG10BB Cartridge Spec Sheet



Shelco Filters

MicroSentry™ SCB Series

Shelco SCB Series


  •    Material: Activated Carbon
  •    Lengths: 9.75", 20", 30" and More
  •    Primary Use: Water Filtration
  •    Features: Reduces Chlorine
  •    SCB Series Spec Sheet



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Eaton, Shelco, Hayward, and NeoLogic are four companies that know the filtration world inside and out. We are excited to be able to bring our customers filtration products from these top names in the field of filtration. They have perfected the art of water filtration and we are glad that we can bring our customers their products at a great price!

Carbon cartridges have the ability to remove both sediment and chlorine, making them perfect for filtering drinking water. The ability to get rid of both bad tastes and odor is a major benefit and the quality of the water can be increased greatly based on the type of carbon filter that you opt to use. By taking a water analysis, you can best determine the approach needed to get the results that you want from your filtration system. Carbon cartridges are not only used for drinking water though. Their ability to filter out debris and provide odorless water is beneficial in many capacities.

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