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75 Micron Filter Cartridges

On this page, you will be able to find information about the 75 micron cartridge filters that we currently have available at Commercial Filtration Supply. The 75 micron cartridge filter is the second largest that we offer, making its ability to filter without becoming clogged much larger than most of our other cartridge filters. The problem of clogging comes up frequently with some of the smaller cartridge filters because of their ability to filter down to the most miniscule of particles. It is in this way that the size dictates the possible uses of the cartridge filter system. Check out our inventory below!

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Eaton Filtration



LOFCLEAN Filter Cartridges


  •    Material: Acrylic Fiber
  •    Lengths: 9.75", 10", 19.5", 20", and More
  •    Primary Use: Paint, Ink, Waxes, and More
  •    Features: No Core, One Piece Design
  •    Eaton LOFCLEAN Product Page




LOFTREX Filter Cartridges


  •    Material: PP
  •    Lengths: 5", 9.75", 10", 19.5" and More
  •    Primary Use: All Industrial
  •    Features: Meets FDA Requirements CFR 177
  •    Eaton LOFTREX Product Page




LOFWIND Filter Cartridges


  •    Material: PP, Cotton, Glass Fiber
  •    Lengths: 5", 9.75", 10", 19.5", and More
  •    Primary Use: Chemical Applications
  •    Features: Graded Pore Structure
  •    Eaton LOFWIND Product Page



MAHLE / Nowata / Filtration Group

 Nowata NP Trapper Series

Nowata NP Trapper Series


  •    Material: Polyester/Acrylic Blend
  •    Lengths: 9.75", 29.25", 40"
  •    Primary Use: All Industrial
  •    Features: Two-Stage Density Profile
  •    NP Trapper Series Spec Sheet


 Nowata Wound Trapper Series

Wound Trapper Series


  •    Material: PP, Cotton, Glass Fiber (Standard)
  •    Lengths: 9.75", 29.25" (Standard)
  •    Primary Use: All Industrial 
  •    Features: Endless Customization
  •    Wound Trapper Series Spec Sheet



NeoLogic Solutions

 HMB Series

HMB Series


  •    Material: 100% PP
  •    Lengths: 9-7/8", 20", 30", 40"
  •    Primary Use: General Industrial
  •    Features: No Glues or Additives
  •    HMB Series Spec Sheet



Shelco Filters

MicroSentry™ MB Series

Shelco MB Series


  •    Material: Polypropylene (PP)
  •    Lengths: 4-7/8", 10", 20", and More
  •    Primary Use: RO Prefilters
  •    Features: Availaable in Big Blue Sizes
  •    MB Series Spec Sheet


MicroSentry™ MS Series

Shelco MS Series


  •    Material: PP, Cotton, Nylon, and More
  •    Lengths: 4.75", 9.75", 10", and More
  •    Primary Use: General Industrial
  •    Features: Precision Winding Patterns
  •    MS Series Spec Sheet


MicroSentry™ SS Series

Shelco SS Series


  •    Material: 304L / 316L SS
  •    Lengths: 9.75", 10", 19.5", and More
  •    Primary Use: High Temp. Filtration
  •    Features: Cleanable & Reusable
  •    SS Series Spec Sheet



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Listed above are five different companies trusted to bring you the best products in filtration. Eaton, Shelco, NeoLogic, Hayward, and Mahle are popular names that know how to design efficient and reliable cartridge filters, as well as other products you may need. We are proud to be able to bring our customer filtration products by these big names at affordable prices.

The 75 micron cartridge filters that we offer come in a variety of different materials and styles, giving you diverse options and making it easier to get the results that you want. Much like the 50 micron cartridge filters, the 75 micron cartridge filters can only filter debris that can be seen with the human eye. Still very small, the particles filtered by 75 micron cartridge filters are only those that are larger than the cross-section of a human hair. While this size will not filter everything, it will be much more cohesive and clog resistant than our smaller options.

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