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Cartridge Filtration

Name Brand Liquid Filter Cartridges

Commercial Filtration Supply is an authorized distributor of liquid filtration products, including Filter Cartridges. Cartridge filters are typically used in high purity filter applications where extreme purity is important. CFS carries a range of cartridges; from membrane and pleated to industrial depth and specialty cartridges. Browse our inventory below:



Cartridge Selection Factors

Cartridge housings come in many varieties. The differences between cartridge housings are primarily based on flow rate, viscosity of liquid, filtration efficiency, and allowable pressure drop. If you want to get the proper type of cartridge housing for your application, knowing all of these factors is important. Cartridge filtration is used for the highest-purity applications such as drinking water, food production, paint, cosmetics, petro-chemical, brewing, and so on. The type of cartridge housing you select will determine what types of cartridges you will be able to use. Cartridge housings come in a variety of sizes, so you should be able to find one that fits your system perfectly.

Cartridges are what perform the actual filtration. They remove tiny particles such as bacteria from liquid, ensuring you attain the target level of purity for your application. Filters will not fit just any housing, so make sure you get the correct size. The detail that most affects how well a cartridge will perform is the micron rating. If the micron rating is smaller, fewer particles will be allowed to pass through the cartridge. However, there is a tradeoff. Small micron ratings can also limit the flow through a cartridge, especially if the liquid has high sediment content.

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