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Liquid Bag Filtration Housings

CFS carries the top liquid filter housings in the industry, including Eaton & MAHLE. We're authorized distributors that have incredibly low pricing. CFS offers a complete line of industrial filtration solutions, from housings to replacement bags and parts. Browse our selection of single and multi-bag housings today.


Filter bag housings are available in many different forms. Two of the most common types are single bag housings and multi-bag housings. Their names tell exactly what they are. Single bag housings are the more traditional, simple type of housing that hold one filter bag at a time. Multi-bag housings carry more than one bag at a time and are designed for more complex or demanding applications.

Housings are available in many different shapes, sizes, and materials. They can also have different end types depending on what you need. The size of the housing will determine the size of the filter bags they are compatible with. The most common of those sizes are 01 and 02, which are industry names for certain bag dimensions. We provide many high quality filter bag housings in the most common and uncommon sizes - ask us about any products you don't see online.

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