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PROGAF Filter Bags

Get Filtration Efficiency up to 99% - Eaton PROGAF

PROGAF product example

PROGAF filter bags by Eaton work even better than filter cartridges. How? The PROGAF design uses multiple layers with varying degrees of filtration. Called progressive density, this system uses 12 layers to gradually remove dirt resulting in absolute filtration. Save on operating costs with this long-lasting high performance disposable bag. Made with silicone-free materials, the PROGAF is made for pure filtration.

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Material: Polypropylene

Construction: 12 progressively graded layers

Filter Models: PGF 50, PGF 51, PGF 5


NOTE: Bags must be ordered in box quantities

PROGAF Polypropylene Meltblown with SENTINEL Ring

Part Number Description Box Qty Micron Rating @ 99% Size
F5865399 PGF-50-E02E-O-04 4 .45 02
F5869219 PGF-51-E02E-O-04 4 .5 02
F5869229 PGF-55-E02E-O-04 4 10 02

Filtration efficiency confirmed by independent testing laboratory.