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CLEARGAF Filter Bags

An FDA Compliant Filter Bag - Eaton CLEARGAF

CLEARGAF product example

CLEARGAF filter bags are designed to handle food and beverage grade applications. These bags are designed, tested, manufactured and packaged all with FDA compliance in mind. CLEARGAF bags are available in both sewn and welded construction. Sewn bags use non-lubricated thread. Each bag is packaged on its own to prevent contamination during storage and install. 

CFS is a Leading Supplier / Distributor of Eaton filter bags, including the CLEARGAF line of bags. We offer competitive wholesale pricing on all our filter bags. Browse for your bag type below and reach out for questions or to get a Product Quote.

*CLEARGAF filter bags are fully EC compliant per 90/128/EEC and are made from materials from the US Code of Federal Regulation Title 21 Part 177.

Code Material Micron Range Filter Bag Size Max. Temp. (F)
POF Polypropylene Felt FDA Grade 1 - 200 μm 01/02 194
POXLF Poplypropylene Extended Life Felt FDA Grade 5 - 100 μm 01/02 194
PEF Polyester Felt FDA Grade 1 - 25 μm 01/02 284
PEXLF Polyester Extended Life Felt FDA Grade 1 - 10 μm 01/02 284
NMOF Nylon Monofilament 5 - 800 μm 01/02 284
AGF ACUGAF Meltblown Polypropylene 51 - 59 μm 01/02 194
PGF PROGAF Meltblown Polypropylene 51 - 57 μm 01/02 194