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Eaton Filter Bags

Eaton Filter Bags by Series

Filter bags are designed to filter liquid media by trapping contaminants in the bag material. The bags are then replaced when they become full. Filter bags work by fitting inside of a filter bag housing. Then the liquid media is piped into the housing and through the bags. The filtered media is then piped out and can continue through the pipeline. Filter bags come in a range of micron sizes and materials. They also come with various features to meet the needs of your commercial or industrial application.

Eaton Filter Bags by Micron Rating

Filter bags use micron ratings to denote the size of the holes in the bag. Eaton filtration bags come in a range of micron sizes. Some series are made in specific sizes, while others come in micron sizes. A micron is a unit of measurement to describe a millionth of a meter. To give you an idea of just how precise these bags get, we carry a selection of 1 micron filter bags, and an average human hair is about 100 microns wide.

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Why Choose Eaton Liquid Filter Bags for Industrial Applications?

Unlike small overseas operations, Eaton filter bags are made to the highest quality standards. While competitor bags are sewn together using cheap materials, Eaton filter bags are designed to eliminate needle holes that allow bypass. They use the best materials like polypropylene and polyester felts. Many bags feature fused seams that prevent any problematic needle holes and imperfections (that you will find in lower quality bags). The bottom line is, when your filtration application demands quality, choose Eaton.

We carry ALL Eaton filter bag models! Every type, micron size, material and quantity you need is available here at Commercial Filtration Supply! - We're a leading online dealer of Eaton products. We offer the best pricing on filter bags available. Eaton's filter bags are full of rich technology that allows for the perfect filtration for your housing and application. These bags are designed to stand up to industrial jobs, and are used around the world in an array of applications. Customize your bag down to the material, size, stitching, ring and more! We making ordering and re-ordering simple.

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Eaton Brand Filter Bags