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Get Educational Content & Information on Liquid Filtration

Welcome to our New Education section of Commercial Filtration Supply. Here you will find articles & content related to the industrial liquid filtration industry. Topics will include product comparisons, how to choose products based on application and much more. All content is written by Commercial Filtration Supply's in-house experts.

Filter Bag Sizes: What You Need to Know


filter bagsFilter bags are the most purchased item for anyone who has a system with a filter. They are easy to replace, are generally inexpensive, and do their job well! The biggest problem with filter bags is how confusing and overwhelming it can be to find and choose the right one for your application. Between all the different bag & ring materials, sizes, and micron ratings, the options are endless! In this article we will focus on all the different filter.....

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Single Bag vs Multi Bag Housings - How to Choose


Single Bag HousingsIn the world of filtration, there are many different types of equipment you can get to filter debris out of a system. These include basket strainers, Y-strainers, duplex strainers, single cartridge housings, multi cartridge housings, single bag housings, multi bag housings, and more. Today we will focus on single and multi bag housings. Deciding on a filter housing can be difficult, since these can be expensive pieces of equipment. This blog post will look at the pros and .....

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