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Titan Fabricated Strainers / Pressure Vessels

Custom Fabricated Filtration Solutions by Titan Flow Control

custom fabricated vessel by titan (with screen)

Not every application has an off-the-shelf answer. That's why Titan offers custom fabricated solutions for a wide range of applications and needs. Titan Flow Control specializes in custom fabricated strainers / pressure vessels. Choose your desired materials for construction and all the custom specifications you need to handle your unique pipeline challenges. Titan fabrication is done in the USA, and has years of experience customizing solutions for industrial clients. Get a Price Quote online.

Here is a short list of some of our customized / fabricated products that we can make:

   • Basket & Duplex Strainers
   • Tee & Temporary Strainers
   • Spectacle Flanges & Blinds
   • Identification Tags
   • Cover & Flow Options
   • Restriction Orifice Plates


Titan Fabricated Filtration Vessels

Technology to Match Complex Industrial Applications

Titan is at the forefront of custom fabricated technology, with powerful 3D modeling tools allowing you to view your solution from every angle before purchase. Flow simulation lets you see exactly how liquid media will behave using advanced CFD analysis. Plus, Titan Flow Control employs emerging technologies and computer programming like water-jet cutting, robotic cutting, and CNC machining.

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