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Titan Duplex Strainers

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We Stock Titan Flow Control Duplex Basket Strainers

When you need uninterrupted flow in your piping system, you need a Titan duplex strainer. These powerful industrial-grade duplex strainers are available here at Commercial Filtration Supply. Titan duplex strainers are available in a range of materials, including iron, stainless steel, and carbon steel. You may also choose different sizes and end types to ensure these strainers are compatible with your system. For more information and to get a quote on a Titan duplex strainer, call us at (855) 236-0467 or fill out our Quote Request Form.

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A duplex strainer is a type of industrial strainer that allows for uninterrupted flow due to its dual-chamber design. Titan’s duplex strainers use a dual-ball diverter design with two stainless steel balls to direct flow to either basket chamber. While one side of the strainer is working, straining debris from liquid, the other side can be cleaned, cleared, and maintained. For high-demand systems, a duplex strainer is a must because it allows fluid to be strained continuously. With a traditional basket strainer, an entire pipeline would need to be shut down in order for the strainer basket to be emptied.

Titan provides endless screen options for their duplex strainers. This means that the baskets can have any degree of perforation- or mesh-lined straining elements. Depending on how much debris you need to strain out of liquid, you will want a different type of screening on your basket strainer. Titan can meet your specific needs. Typical applications for duplex strainers involve protecting expensive downstream equipment by straining out dangerous solids that could clog or damage a system. Make the smart choice with a Titan duplex strainer from Commercial Filtration Supply.

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