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Titan Basket Strainers

Titan Flow Control Industrial Basket Strainers

Titan is one of the leading producers of high-quality industrial strainers. Commercial Filtration Supply carries a wide range of Titan basket strainers for any of your commercial straining needs. Titan basket strainers are available in a variety of sizes, materials, and end types. We will assist you in finding the exact basket strainer you need for the job you are doing! Our trained experts are well-versed in Titan basket strainers, their installation, and their maintenance. For more information on these products or to get a quote, call us at (855) 236-0467 or fill out our Quote Request Form.


Why Use a Basket Strainer vs Filter?

Many people ask us what the difference is between a strainer and a filter, since we sell both. In essence, the difference is in the size of particles being removed from liquid. Strainers can catch those particles which can be seen with the naked eye, while filters can catch particles that are too small to be seen by the average person. Also, straining is typically done with a course or rigid basket, while filtering is done with a bag or cartridge. A third difference is in the frequency of filter or basket replacements. Filter bags are made to be replaced after a certain amount of time, while strainer baskets typically last much longer and only need to be replaced when damaged.

Very often, you will see a basket strainer and a filter working together in a pipeline, with the strainer placed immediately before the filter. This way, all the larger particles are removed from liquid and will not clog or damage the delicate filter. Titan basket strainers can be used for a variety of liquids, but are most commonly used to remove sand, gravel, and other debris from water. Straining water is vital to keeping other equipment safe and clog-free. Basket strainers are an integral part of desalination processes, wastewater processing, and large pool control.

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