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Shelco Filter Bags

MicroSentry HTF Series Bag Filters

Commercial Filtration Supply is proud to be an Authorized Shelco Filters Distributor / Supplier. We stock Shelco's complete line of filter bags, including the MICROSENTRY HTF Series. CFS offers wholesale pricing on Shelco Filter Bags due to our distributor relationship. Shelco's filter bags are manufactured in a wide range of styles and micron ratings, ensuring a bag will work with your application. Construction materials include Nylon, Polyester and Nomex.

These bag filters are available with different ring materials for perfect sealing every time. Browse these filter specs below and complete our Quote Request for pricing. You can always call our filter specialists as well at (855) 236-0467 to discuss options and custom solutions.

Shelco Filters MicroSentry HTF Series Filter Bags
Filter Material Gaskets/O-Rings Flanges
Polypropylene, Polyester, Nylon (multi style) Polypropylene, Stainless Steel, Steel Polypropylene
Max Temperature Rec. Change-Out Diff. Pressure Bag Sizes
Polypropylene: 180F (82C)
Polyester: 300F (149C)
Nylon: 250F (121C)
20 psid (1.4 bar) #1, #2, #3, #4
Pore Sizes Bag Dimensions Spec Sheet
1 - 1500 µm  #1: 7" dia. x 16.5" length
#2: 7" dia. x 32" length
#3: 4" dia. x 8" length
#4: 4" dia. x 14" length

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