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Shelco Filters

Buy Shelco Filters Products for Industrial Filtration

CFS is now partnered with Shelco Filters, a company that offers one of the most in-depth and extensive lines of industrial filtration products in the world. CFS carries Shelco cartridge housings, filter cartridges and bag filters. This means we now have a new source of filtration solutions for your commercial and industrial applications. Shelco filtration products can provide you with the highest-quality liquid filtration available on the market.

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Who Is Shelco Filters?

Located in Middletown, Connecticut, Shelco Filters has provided industrial filtration solutions since 1973. Shelco uses a single shell design thats manufactured in the USA. Our products are backed by state of the art research, development and design. Shelco's products are used around the globe and typically used for water, food, beverages, chemicals, cosmetics, lubricants, coatings, fuels and more.

Why Purchase Shelco Filtration Products from CFS?

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Shelco’s cartridge housings come in many varieties in 304L and 316L stainless steel, ensuring the highest possible purity. Select models are available with a brass nickel-plated head or cast iron head. Shelco manufactures single and multi-cartridge housings, which means that they have any cartridge housing you could possibly need. Shelco cartridge housings are recognized worldwide as an industry standard for high-flow filtration applications. The top-of-the line stainless steel used to construct these housings can withstand astronomical pressures and is rated for use with almost any liquid or chemical substance.

Shelco does not just make housings; they make filter cartridges, too. They meld high performance and cost-effectiveness, with a solution for every filtration challenge. Shelco filter cartridges are available in wound, melt-blown, pleated, resin-bonded fiber, stainless steel, and carbon block varieties. Each filter cartridge is designed from the ground-up to provide maximum dirt-holding capacity, extended service life, and limited change-outs. If you are interested in seeing what Shelco Filters can do for you, fill out our quote request form today!