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NeoLogic Solutions

NeoLogic Liquid Filtration Products

NeoLogic Solutions FiltrationNeoLogic Solutions is a premier liquid filtration product supplier. Their product offering ranges from pipeline strainers to filter cartridges. Why buy NeoLogics products? They offer quality solutions that are certified and tested. Plus, their inventory and shipping times are unmatched in the industry. NeoLogic offers a great selection of American-made products as well as cost saving imported options. Narrow down your search by product type below or Contact CFS for Competitive Pricing!


NeoLogic Solutions Applications:

• Chemical Processing
• Industrial Wastewater
• Desalination Pre-filtration
• Food & Beverage
• Industrial Cooling
• Metal Working Fluids
• Mining
• Pharmaceuticals
• Pulp & Paper
• Petroleum
• Surface Water
• Utilities
• Water Treatment
• Water Conditioning
• Paints & Dyes
• Petrochemical
• Residential Water
• Reverse Osmosis
• Well Water


NeoLogic Filter Housings

When it comes to selecting the right filter housing solution, NeoLogics has a great offering, from single to multi-cartridge housings. Consider factors like size, flow, features and country of origin. NeoLogic has a number of Made in USA solutions, each with their own benefits and options. Choose from inline, single, and multi-round configurations, plus added features like optional sea water coating and more.

PDF Icon NeoLogic Filter Housings Selection Guide

NeoLogic Filter Cartridges

Filter cartridges are constructed several different ways, each type with its own pros and cons. Check out the NeoLogic Cartridge Selection Guide for help deciding which one is right for your use. They differ in micron ratings, sizes, construction, FDA status, and other key features. Again, lots of Made in USA options!

PDF Icon NeoLogic Filter Cartridge Selection Guide

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