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Hayward Y-Strainers

Hayward Flow Control's YS Series Y-strainers feature a one-piece injection molded body, which provides maximus strength. With sizes from 1/2" to 4", these strainers can handle horizontal or vertical applications in a huge number of environments. Standard materials are PVC, CPVC, and clear PVC, with certain sizes available in PVDF. These Y-strainers are easy to clean, with a hex cap on the strainer arm and FPM/EPDM O-ring seals keeping a tight seal. True union connections are available. Request a quote today on some of the finest thermoplastic Y-strainers on the market!

Hayward Flow Control Y-Strainers

YS Series Y-Strainers
Hayward Flow Control Y-Strainer Body Material End Type Basket Material Mesh Sizes
SOC, Thread,
Hastelloy, Monel, Titanium
20 - 325
(1/32" - 3/8")
Gaskets Max Pressure Standard: Spec Sheet | PVDF: Spec Sheet
FPM, EPDM 150psi @ 70F Request a Quote

* Ask us about screen replacements for our Hayward Y-strainers! We carry any perforation, mesh, or screen you could need! *


Hayward Y-Strainer Models

YS Series

PVC: YS10400SEU, YS10050S, YS10050SE, YS10050SU, YS10050T, YS10050TE, YS10050TU, YS10075S, YS10075SE, YS10075SU, YS10075T, YS10075TE, YS10075TU, YS10100F, YS10100S, YS10100SE, YS10100SU, YS10100T, YS10100TE, YS10100TEU, YS10100TU, YS10125F, YS10125S, YS10125SE, YS10125SU, YS10125T, YS10125TU, YS10150F, YS10150S, YS10150SE, YS10150SEU, YS10150SU, YS10150T, YS10150TE, YS10150TU, YS10200F, YS10200S, YS10200SE, YS10200SU, YS10200T, YS10200TE, YS10200TEU, YS10200TU, YS10250F, YS10250S, YS10250SE, YS10250SU, YS10250T, YS10250TU, YS10300F, YS10300FE, YS10300S, YS10300SE, YS10300SU, YS10300T, YS10300TU, YS10400F, YS10400S, YS10400SU, YS10400T, YS10400TU, 
CPVC: YS20050FE, YS00050TE, YS20050F, YS20050S, YS20050SE, YS20050SU, YS20050T, YS20050TE, YS20050TU, YS20075S, YS20075SE, YS20075SEU, YS20075SU, YS20075T, YS20075TU, YS20100F, YS20100FE, YS20100S, YS20100SE, YS20100SEU, YS20100SU, YS20100T, YS20100TU, YS20150F, YS20150S, YS20150SE, YS20150SU, YS20150T, YS20150TU, YS20200F, YS20200FE, YS20200S, YS20200SE, YS20200SU, YS20200T, YS20200TE, YS20200TU, YS20250F, YS20250S, YS20300F, YS20300FE, YS20300S, YS20300SE, YS20300SU, YS20300T, YS20300TU, YS20400F, YS20400FE, YS20400S, YS20400SE, YS20400SU, YS20400T
Clear PVC: YS00150SEU, YS00050S, YS00050SE, YS00050SEU, YS00050SU, YS00050T, YS00075S, YS00075SE, YS00075SU, YS00075SU, YS00075T, YS00075TU, YS00100S, YS00100SE, YS00100SU, YS00100T, YS00100TE, YS00100TU, YS00125S, YS00125SE, YS00125SU, YS00125T, YS00125TU, YS00150S, YS00150SE, YS00150SU, YS00150T, YS00150TU, YS00200F, YS00200S, YS00200SE, YS00200SU, YS00200T, YS00200TE, YS00200TU, YS00250S