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By Industry

Commercial Filtration Supply is a leading supplier of Liquid filtration products and we're also Official Distributor's for Major Brands like Eaton Filtration, Titan Flow Control, NeoLogic and more. Our industrial filtration products are world renowned for use in an extremely wide range of applications. From your local brewery to a 50,000 square foot manufacturing facility that processes solid materials into liquid chemical solutions

Industrial filtration is used throughout the world in a wide range of industries and applications. Below are some of the typical industries that our filtration products are used:


The automotive industry is a huge piece of our global economy. Within this industry are huge needs for liquid filtration. From the movement of materials throughout facilities to the combination of products during final assembly, 1000's of different filtration components are used. From manufacturing facilities & assembly plants to individual applications for specific needs.

Food & Beverage

CFS's filtration products support a wide range of Food & Beverage needs. From a raw material to an end product, some form of filtration typically needs to take place. Our filters are used for processing crops (corn, wheat, soy beans) to aiding in the cooking & baking processes. Filtration typically takes place when blending products or separating products. From the manufacturing of food & drinks to distribution of these products to market.

Chemical Processing

Chemical processing has become common place for almost any company dealing with manufacturing of products. Filtration helps combined and separate chemicals. Filtration products also must handle the breakdown that some chemicals can cause on systems. Whether it's product caking, proper blending or correct flow, our filters can handle any chemical filtration job!


Petroleum is a product that is widely used throughout the world. From plastics to engines you can find some trace of petroleum. This comes in the form of utilizing the actual petroleum or using it for the creation of other materials and products. Our filtration solutions work with oils, gases and petroleum. Helping convert materials from one type to another.


Liquid filtration is key to helping deliver health altering products around the world. CFS provides cutting edge Eaton filtration products that the pharma industry relies on.

Machining Fluids

Hydraulic & lubrication are fundamental systems for a wide range of tools, assembly systems, transport vehicles and more. All manufacturing facilities contain some form of lubrication or hydraulic system that runs important components. Outside the building hydraulics are important for the operation of industrial vehicles and components that keep your operation running smoothly. Eaton's filtration products apply to thousands of different applications dealing with hydraulics and oil flow control.


Where would we be without manufacturing. The world needs manufacturing to get products to consumers or better yet, get materials to businesses who can then make consumer products. Filtration solutions are heavily relied on throughout different manufacturing processes and systems. From machine fluids to the separation of solids from liquids, there is a strong need and we have the filters you need

Solvents, Resins & Dyes

Think of your local paint shop and the amount of liquid paint stocked on shelves. All that product needed to run through specific processes that filtered all the different agents to make a consumer ready product. From paint to ink and any type of liquid coating. Filtration needs to be a part of the process. CFS stocks a wide range of filtration components that can withstand these materials and filter as needed.

Water Systems

Water fluid transport is a huge portion of many systems and operations. Along with the movement of water comes the need to handle and filter it. From water treatment facilities that need to remove contaminants from the water to waste water systems that need to filter out solids, liquid filtration is key. Don't forget about irrigation. Whether it's small business irrigation needs or the irrigation of specific products or applications in large facilities, Eaton has a solution.