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Bag Filter Housings

Eaton Filter Bag Housings for Commercial & Industrial Filtration

Eaton bag filter housings come in 12 unique models, each with customizable options like material, size, connection type and more. We are proud to supply this line of premier filtration products as an Official Authorized Eaton Distributor (unlike many sellers you see on the web), and are confident that our prices and service are the best out there. See the Eaton bag filter housing brochure in our Eaton Literature Center for detailed information on applications and for specs on all models.


Filter bag housings hold fabric filter bags that are used to capture particulate and other contaminants from your process media. Typically filter bag filtration is used for removing small particles from liquids. The liquids enter through a pipe into the filter housing, travel through the filter bag, and leave through another pipe to continue to the next stage or production or processing. Eaton's filter housings are designed to be used in conjunction with one or more filter bags. Eaton's amazing technology allows some of their filter bags to filter particulate all the way down to the level of bacteria! This functionality is applicable in all sorts of industries including chemical processing and production, lubricants and oils, water management and many others.

Bag filtration can be found in a wide range of uses from Automotive to Solvents and Lubricants. Bag filtration is common in food and beverage production also. A number of Eaton filter bags and housings are made specifically to meet FDA regulations. Whether your application is pulp and paper, water treatment, or chemical processing, Eaton has a housing and filter bag to meet your needs. Choose the micron rating of the filter bag to determine the size matter you will be filtering. Filter bags also come in a variety of materials and sizes to meet your needs and work with the filter bag vessel of your choice.

We are happy to assist you with any questions you may have on the products or pricing. Please call us or fill out our convenient quote request form online. We ship all filter housings, parts, and bags direct to your place of business or job site to make purchasing products from us as simple as possible.

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