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Specialty Filter Cartridges

In addition to the standard cartridge styles, we also offer a few specialty cartridges. These specialty cartridges are used in a variety of different applications to filter everything from paint to gas. We offer specialty cartridges from three big names in filtration. Read below to find out more information on this unique cartridge style.

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Eaton Specialty Cartridges



LOFCLEAN Filter Cartridges


  •    Material: Acrylic Fiber
  •    Lengths: 9.75", 10", 19.5", 20", and More
  •    Primary Use: Paint, Ink, Waxes, and More
  •    Features: No Core, One Piece Design
  •    Eaton LOFCLEAN Product Page


 LOFMET Series


Eaton LOFMET Filter Cartridges


  •    Material: Titanium
  •    Lengths: 5", 10", 20", 30"
  •    Primary Use: Extreme Applications
  •    Features: Corrosion, Heat Resistant
  •    Eaton LOFMET Product Page



MAHLE / Nowata / Filtration Group Specialty Cartridges

 Nowata NP Trapper Series

Nowata NP Trapper Series


  •    Material: Polyester/Acrylic Blend
  •    Lengths: 9.75", 29.25", 40"
  •    Primary Use: All Industrial
  •    Features: Two-Stage Density Profile
  •    NP Trapper SeriesSpec Sheet


 Nowata NFF Series

Nowata NFF Series


  •    Material: PP Media, CS Frame
  •    Lengths: 12", 24", 36", 72"
  •    Primary Use: Removing Liquid from Natural Gas
  •    Features: Beta Ratios in Excess of 1000
  •    Nowata NFF Series Spec Sheet


 Nowata NFG Series

Nowata NFG Series


  •    Material: Fiberglass
  •    Lengths: 12", 24", 36", 72"
  •    Primary Use: Natural Gas Applications
  •    Features: Spiral Locked Steel Core
  •    Nowata NFG Series Spec Sheet


 Nowata PGR Series

Nowata PGR Series


  •    Material: Fiberglass w/ PP Support
  •    Lengths: 10", 30"
  •    Primary Use: Particulate Removal in Gases
  •    Features: Stainless Steel Shell
  •    Nowata PGR Series Spec Sheet


 Nowata VGR Series

Nowata VGR Series


  •    Material: Fiberglass w/ PP Support
  •    Lengths: 10", 30"
  •    Primary Use: Liquid Removal in Gases
  •    Features: DOE Style Cartridge
  •    Nowata VGR Series Spec Sheet



Shelco Filters Specialty Cartridges

MicroSentry™ SS Series

Shelco SS Series


  •    Material: 304L / 316L SS
  •    Lengths: 9.75", 10", 19.5", and More
  •    Primary Use: High Temp. Filtration
  •    Features: Cleanable & Reusable
  •    SS Series Spec Sheet



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Our specialty cartridges come from companies that know exactly how to design and produce filtration products that will be useful to their customers. Commercial Filtration Supply is happy to be able to offer multiple models of specialty cartridges from Eaton, Mahle, and Shelco. These affordable cartridges can be trusted to meet your filtration needs!

Often times, specialty cartridges have specific traits or abilities that standard cartridges typically do not offer. For examples, in addition to being able to process water, the Eaton LOFCLEAN specializes in the filtration of industrial paints, inks, and waxes. These acrylic fiber cartridges range from 2 to 150 microns, making their filtration ability flexible depending on the customer’s specific need. Another model that we offer is the Shelco SS Series. This stainless steel specialty cartridge is designed especially for high temperature applications and those with pressures up to 60 PSID. These are just two examples of the types of specialty cartridges we offer and by exploring the inventory above you will be able to get a better idea of the model that will work best for you!

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