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Product Brochures

Product Brochures for Eaton, Titan, Shelco and Other Filtration Brands


Brand - Eaton

Eaton Strainers Brochure (pdf-logo PDF)

 Get an in depth overview of Eaton's filtration solutions. This includes information on Eaton' services, technlogies and commitment to sustainability. This brochure also covers Eaton's pipeline srainer family including standard cast pipeline strainers and includes specs on each model. Get information on what size strainer you need for your application and even drill down to the specifics of dimension and flow rates for each strainer model. This comprehensive brochure is your downloadable guide to Eaton strainers. 

Eaton Strainers Applications (pdf-logo PDF)

 What are Eaton strainers used for? This downloadable sheet delves into the applications Eaton strainers are used for around the world. These include everything from pulp and paper refining to food industry applications. Read how these strainers are used and explore how you may be able to apply Eaton's advanced industrial filtration technology to your own industry use. 

Eaton Bag Filter Housing Brochure (pdf-logo PDF)

 Learn about Eaton's single and multi-bag filter housing systems and explore which model best suits your application. This detailed brochure also includes specifications and dimensions on each individual model. See the technology and advanced features that make Eaton filtration systems a cut above the rest, and also learn about the filter bag systems that work in conjunction with housings. This brochure also includes information on what applications find the most benefit for this sort of housing and you can find a helpful chart that outlines which housings are best for different applications.

Eaton Filter Bags Brochure (pdf-logo PDF)

 For high performance bag filters look no further than Eaton's complete line of bags for a wide range of filtration applications. Choose from a selection of materials and technologies to suit your unique use, and order them for less at Eaton's line includes bags that offer high efficiency, high capacity, cost-efficient options, and even bags that meet FDA regulations for food an pharmaceutical handling.

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