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Product Brochures

Product Brochures for Eaton, Titan, Shelco and Other Filtration Brands


Brand - Eaton

Eaton Strainers Brochure (pdf-logo PDF)
Get an in depth overview of Eaton's straining solutions, with links to invididual product sheets. This brochure lists all of Eaton's top-of-the-line strainers and lists some of the countless applications these strainers are used for!

Eaton Filter Housings Brochure (pdf-logo PDF)
Learn about Eaton's single and multi-bag filter housing systems and explore which model best suits your application. We carry Eaton filter housings in a range of materials and configurations to fit your specific needs. Document includes links to specific product sheets!

Eaton Filter Bags Brochure (pdf-logo PDF)
For high performance bag filters look no further than Eaton's complete line of bags for a wide range of filtration applications. Choose from a selection of materials and technologies to suit your unique use, and order them for less at

Brand - Hayward Flow Control

Hayward Bag and Cartridge Filtration Brochure (pdf-logo PDF)
This document gives a general overview of the Hayward bag and cartridge filtration products we supply! These products include bag filter housings, cartridge filter housings, and the filters that they carry. Hayward's cutting edge thermoplastic equipment delivers results at competitive prices. Click titles or images to see more details!

Brand - NeoLogic Solutions

NeoLogic Filter Housing Selection Guide (pdf-logo PDF)
NeoLogic manufactures a huge number of filter housings for all kinds of industrial filtration applications. They provide jumbo filter housings, multi-cartridge filter housings, bag housings, sanitary filter housings, single filter housings, and specialty filter housings. They can hold bags or cartridges of all common sizes and are available with several different closure styles. Most NeoLogic housings are made in the USA with heavy-duty 304L or 316L stainless steel.

NeoLogic Filter Cartridge Selection Guide (pdf-logo PDF)
This brochure links to all our NeoLogic filter cartridges and bags. These filter elements are available in a range of materials, including polypropylene, coconut shell carbon, and more. Every standard size is represented, as are a wide selection of micron sizes. NeoLogic also manufacturs their cartridges in many different styles, including pleated, melt blown, wound, and membrane. Read more about each style of cartridge by clicking on the links in the selection guide!

Brand - Shelco Filters

Shelco Filtration Brochure (pdf-logo PDF)
This helpful brochure has general information on each category of Shelco filtration equipment, such as housings and cartridges. Shelco's stainless steel, high efficiency housings are ideal for high purity applications that require maximum precision. Click on titles for more information on each specific series.


*other brands coming soon as we inventory our products