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Spears Suction Strainers

For Minimal Pressure Drop Applications - Suction Strainer

Flanged Spears Suction Type StrainerMany applications require consistent pressure in order for the system to operate properly. While typical strainers will significantly decrease pipeline pressure as liquid passes through, Spears suction strainers have a unique design that limits pressure drop. The suction strainer is a unique basket strainer designed by Spears to be ideal in suction line applications, which often require minimal pressure drop. These high quality PVC strainers, with EPDM seals, are available in a wide range of sizes, from 4” to 12”.


  • • PVC Material
  • • EPDM O-ring Material Standard
  • • Sizes: 4" - 12"
  • • Pressure Rating: 50 psi @ 73F
  • • Bolt-on Bonnet w/ Top Sight Glass Standard
  • • Stainless Steel Strainer Basket w/ 3/16" Perforation Standard
  • • Bottom-Drained Strainer Basket for Direct Flushing
  • • Adjustable Side Mounted Flush-Discharge Valve Assembly
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Spears Flanged Suction Strainer
Spears Flanged Style Suction Strainer End Type Body Material O-Ring
Flanged PVC EPDM
Pressure Rating Size Mesh Rating
50 psi @ 73 F 4" x 12" 4 mesh (0.1875")
Model #s: SS23BS4SG-040, SS23BS4SG-420, SS23BS4SG-421, SS23BS4SG-422, SS23BS4SG-060, SS23BS4SG-532, SS23BS4SG-080, SS23BS4SG-582, SS23BS4SG-585, SS23BS4SG-100, SS23BS4SG-626, SS23BS4SG-628, SS23BS4SG-120, SS23BS4SG-668, SS23BS4SG-670


What's Behind a Minimal Pressure Drop Strainer?

Pressure drop is defined as the difference in flow pressure before and after fluid passes through a valve/filter/strainer. Spears suction strainers create minimal pressure drop, making them perfect for suction line applications. Many suction strainer models use size reduction to ensure pressure stays constant throughout the system. Spears suction strainers are made of PVC, so they are rated for temperatures up to 140F (60C) and have a maximum working pressure of 50psi.

In addition to their unique pressure drop reduction, Spears suction strainers also have a 360° adjustable side-mounted flush-discharge valve assembly. This assembly allows for the strainer to be easily flushed out with a simple handle turn. They also include a stainless steel strainer basket and stainless steel bonnet bolts. The bonnet has a top sight glass that allows the user to view the contents of the strainer. The basket has standard 3/16” perforation. The standard perforation assists with the low pressure drop that these valves produce.

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