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Shelco Filter Cartridges

No matter what kind of cartridge or filter bag you need, there is a good chance Shelco makes it. And if they make it, we sell it! Commercial Filtration Supply is proud to be an Authorized Shelco Filters Distributor, allowing us to stock their full line of filtration products at extremely low prices! From high efficiency pleated cartridges to specialized stainless steel cartridges, Shelco manufactures loads of different varieties.

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Different Types of Shelco Filter Bags & Cartridges

We supply Shelco filtration products in a wide range of styles. These include cartridges that are pleated, melt blown, wound, and membrane styles, as well as a few specialty cartridges for more niche applications. Shelco's bags and cartridges all have different pressure and temperature ratings, as well as surface areas and pressure drop specs, so be sure to read about each product in-depth before purchase. The "Spec Sheet" link will take you to the technical documentation for each type of cartridge. For pricing information, call us or fill our our online quote request form!

Shelco MicroSentry Filter Cartridges

The MicroSentry product line contains a wide range of filter cartridges including styles such as pleated, string wound, melt blown, and more! Each series gives you a choice between a variety of materials, filter sizes, and micron ratings so you can be sure you're getting exactly what you need. For example, the MS series of string wound filter cartridges are available in 13 different pore sizes, 11 different lengths, 5 different diameters, and too many materials to count! If you need reliable and economical filtration, MicroSentry cartridges will handle it easily!

Shelco MicroVantage Filter Cartridges

For the customers who need high precision filtration, MicroVantage can is there. With micron ratings as low as 0.03 μm (0.0000011811 inches!), these filters can remove microscopic contaminants from liquid or gas. MicroVantage filters are designed for different applications. These applications include beverages, electronics, pharmaceuticals, water, vent, and more. We also carry general-purpose MicroVantage filters in a variety of styles and sizes! Request a quote today to get a the best pricing on these performance filters!

Shelco High Flow and Jumbo Cartridges

If you have high volume filtration needs, you need a big cartridge that can handle large amounts of fluid for as long as possible. This is where Shelco's high flow and jumbo cartridge series can help. These filters are available in lengths up to 60" and equally impressive surface areas. The 30-3/4" diameter SJC pleated jumbo cartridge has 170 square feet of surface area, which means it will capture massive amounts of debris before needing to be changed out. Give us a call or request a quote to get pricing on these extremely useful filter cartridges.