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Hayward Cartridge Filtration

Hayward Filtration Cartridges and Cartridge Housings

Hayward has designed innovative filter housings that can be configured for bag or cartridge filtration. Their CFLV cartridge housing series has the same body, structure, and end types as the FLV bag housing series, just with different mounting apparatus. This makes system conversion simple and ensures the same type of high quality filtration across mediums. Hayward cartridge housings can be configured with one 7" OD cartridge or up to five 2-1/2" OD cartridges. This allows for maximum efficiency and minimal filter changeouts! Click the "Request a Quote" button below to get pricing information and talk to one of our representatives!



Why Choose Hayward for Your Filtration Needs?

Hayward is a leading manufacturer of filtration solutions, including cartridges and cartridge filtration. For over 60 years Hayward has been a leader in aquatics and flow control. With state of the art facilities, Hayward's housings and filters go through extensive testing to ensure a high quality product for customers.